Please choose one of the following options

1) Provider Reference

Reference from a verifiable provider you have met within the last year. Include their email and approximate date you last met.

2) Preferred411

My P411 ID is P249441. Send me a booking request or private message here.

3) LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn account with over 500 contacts, you may send me a request to connect (which I will not accept) to my discreet personal LinkedIn.

4) Professional Email

A message from your professional email account sent to my discreet unlisted catering email address (provided upon contact). For your privacy, I will never respond to your professional account. If I am unable to verify your business email address, I may ask for alternative screening information. 

5) Government ID

A photo of you holding your government issued ID next to your face.


All information sent to my secure, encrypted email stays there and is never stored elsewhere


I am NDA accessible