One hour:  1,000 (tour only)

Two hours: 1,200 (Nashville minimum)

Three hours: 1,600

Four hours: 2,000 (FMTY minimum)

Five hours: 2,400

Six hours: 2,800

Overnight: 3,300

Full Day: 5,000

Weekend: 7,700

I prefer and give priority to longer dates. I like to get comfortable together, break bread, and have plenty of time for play and decompression. Dates four hours or longer include my complimentary bartender package, as well as a meal on you. If you schedule a session four hours or longer and are unable to meet with me for public social time, please add 200.

I normally host near BNA airport. If you prefer to meet downtown Nashville, I am happy to book us a room for an additional 200.


Southern Hospitality

I love an excuse to take on the open road. I am available for sessions four hours or longer in the following cities:

Tennessee: Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Johnson City

North Carolina: Asheville

Georgia: Atlanta

Alabama: Birmingham

Mississippi: Huntsville, Tupelo

Kentucky: Bowling Green, Louisville, Lexington

All Drive Me To You dates include a 300 travel fee.

​Fly Me to You

One of the sexiest ways you can express your affections for me. I cover my flight and accommodations. Nationwide: 4 hour minimum +1K, International: One day minimum +2K

​Fly Yourself to Me

Need an excuse to break up that cross country business trip? You just can't wait to see me? Nashville is conveniently located to all major US cities. You book your flight and I'll host near BNA.



Everyone wants to take the bartender home, but few are ever so lucky. Here’s your chance. I adore mixing craft cocktails for my lovers. You tell me your flavor profile, I'll bring everything else. +100, or complimentary for sessions four hours or longer (N/A options available)

Queen's Gambit

I'm an enthusiastic amateur in chess and welcome games with players of all levels. I find it to be a riveting way to build tension...


Three's company, I've always agreed. I love couples and would be honored to bring some of my passion into your relationship. Add 50%

Double (or Triple) the Pleasure

As they say, the more the merrier. I have sexy cohorts of all genders who would be eager to join us. See my friends page for duo partners. I require rate parity, whomever’s is highest.

Bespoke Experiences

Movie Night

Let's take our time getting naked and then snuggle up under the covers together for a flick. I'll bring the popcorn. 4 hour minimum


The Great Outdoors

I live in the countryside because surrounding myself with nature gives me a sense of profound tranquility. I'd love to share this with you. Includes lunch and an outdoor adventure curated to your abilities and interests, followed by time together at a nearby hotel. 4 hour minimum + 200


Music City

Whether you're just visiting or a bonafide local, there's always music to enjoy in Nashville. Let's have a night out on the town, followed by a little hanky panky. 6 hour minimum + dinner and a show


Lakeside Resort

A weekend away from it all. We meet at a woodland resort an hour outside of Nashville with a 5 star restaurant, private hiking trails, and a breathtaking waterfall. Weekend rate + accommodations


Do you love the water as much as I do? Let's have a romantic getaway for the books. I'll cook for us in a bikini, what more could you want? Bespoke rates


A Cabin

Don't you deserve a vacation? Let me take care of all the details. A beautiful cabin away from the city, me as your personal chef. Bespoke rates


The World is Our Oyster

Why stay home when we can go anywhere? I am passport ready and happy to make the arrangements. Bespoke rates

My attractions and affections take all forms and I do not discriminate based on race, national origin, religion, age (21+), gender, sexuality, weight or ability.
Cancellation: Can't make it? That's a shame. I understand life sometimes gets in the way of pleasure, but my time, like yours, is valuable. If you need to cancel our date, your deposit may be transferable at my discretion. I will expect to be compensated my full rate if you cancel within 24 hours. In the rare event that I need to cancel, your deposit is fully refundable.