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Wanna Swing My Way? 

Screening is necessary for my safety and yours. I request two provider references, as well as any valid usernames on popular review boards. If this is your first rodeo, don't be shy! Ask me about about other forms of verification. 
The more I know about you, the more comfortable I feel about meeting you. Please fill out my booking form below as thoroughly as possible. Inquiries via my booking form will receive top priority and ensure a response.  
My attractions and affections take all forms and I do not discriminate based on race, age (21+), gender, sexuality, weight or ability.
Direct Encrypted Email:
A note on discretion: I treat your privacy with the utmost respect. You can be assured that any information sent to my secure encrypted email stays there and is never stored elsewhere.  

Can't make it? That's a shame. I understand life sometimes gets in the way of pleasure, but my time, like yours, is valuable. If you need to cancel our date, I ask for 72 hours notice, or a 50% consideration. I will ask to be fully compensated if you cancel within 12 hours.