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I love my home in the country because I believe living amongst nature is very regulating for the nervous system. divinity in nature, love being surrounded by growth, walk everyday in the forest and hills. I have a garden and love to grow things, I love to give care to living things, house is filled with plants. I have two chihuahuas that I love they are perfect and fill my home with love and cuteness. they are sisters and I adopted them from a rescue. 

As much as I love country life, I enjoy the glamour of cosmopolitan life. I love to visit cities and eat good food and satisfy my culinary desires. I love wine and food I am starting a wine collection and working on my sommelier certification. 

Before I lived this country life I was so lucky to spend a decade in New Orleans. I was a bartender and had a lot of fun and met many friends including my best friend Zoey who got me into this business who I am so lucky to get to visit all the time and she visits me and we travel together and do lots of kinky adventures together 


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