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Dominant Companion &    Benevolent Mistress

NYC based,

available worldwide 

Deviant GFE, Erotic BDSM

You crave the warm and sensual embrace of a woman, while simultaneously giving up control. I am a natural dominant who will take and keep the reins while we indulge in life's joys together. Abandon the bounds of your power, your obligations, your status at my doorstep, and I will show you a new sense of freedom. 

Welcome. I seek to build containers of warmth and trust, spaces for exploration and indulgence, accommodations for our innermost longings. In here, the outside world falls away as I guide you on a journey of abundant pleasures and ecstatic discoveries. 


I require a graceful balance of sensuality and domination to meet my erotic desires. I enthusiastically invite the company of those who are new to the art of submission, and delight in bringing the kink curious on escapades into my world. Come to me with an open mind, and I will lead you on a myriad of sensual explorations.

A few things I enjoy...


If you don't know what something is, ask me! I love holding space for beginners and initiating the curious into new worlds. Check back here often, as my interest and desires are always evolving.


My particularly favorite activities are italicized


Sensory Play

prostate massage

strap on play (all genders)

fisting and hole training (all genders)

flame & ice play

wax play

sensory deprivation

sensory overload


nipple play

sensual massage



foot fetish

stocking fetish

heel worship / boot worship

body worship

goddess worship

face sitting / queening

BDSM rituals

knife play


Pain Play

impact play - floggers, whips, canes, paddles, spatulas, rulers, hairbrushes


CBT - heels, clothespins, nails, teeth, rope, crushers

ball busting


NT / nipple torture

face slapping



power exchange

bondage / restraint - leather cuff restraints, bondage belts, rope work

predicament bondage


breath play

watersports / golden showers



tease and denial

ruined orgasm

chastity training

key holding

erotic embarrassment



gender play/exploration

feminization (private or public)

forced bi


CFNM / clothed female nude male

submissive training

service training

homework assignments

Long term D/s arrangements


Temple Priestess

Sadistic Nun

Evil Nurse

Seductive Schoolteacher

Naughty Secretary

Pent-up Librarian

Scary Punk Girl

Peeping Tom

Mean Mommy


Girl Gang of Bullies

If you're curious about something not mentioned here, please ask me if it's something I offer!


Take your time in reading through my website before contacting me. My Twitter is full of candid photos and musings from my day to day life for the curious suitor. I look forward to new and captivating adventures together...

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