Welcome. I seek to build containers of warmth and trust; spaces for exploration and unbridled hedonism; accommodations for our innermost longings. In here, the outside world falls away as we seek abundant pleasures within.

Power exchange is my newest love language.

I am fascinated by the endless opportunities to explore within the world of BDSM. While my tastes and interests are still evolving and certainly not limited to the following activities, these are some things I’ve found that really get me going.



My first love and gateway into kink. Pain play can range from soft and sensual to harsh and excruciating. I am only ever interested in starting slow and exploring together what feels right. My play never exists without consent. If marking is a concern for you, there are absolutely ways you can engage in this kind of fun and walk away physically unscathed. 


Impact play: Your endurance. My admiration. 

Testing the limits of what we can physically endure is one of the joys of being embodied. I deeply admire your dedication to your improvement. Like the athlete who strives always to improve, the reward of stretching oneself past comfort and into growth is incomparable.

  • Flogging: A sensual introduction to impact play, I have beloved floggers of a variety of materials and lengths to achieve a range of pleasurable sensations.

  • Stingy: My crops, canes, whips, switches, and rulers all deliver a delightful sting.

  • Thuddy: Paddles, batons, slappers, and spatulas offer a more thuddy sensation that can felt on a deeper level depending on my delivery.

  • Good old fashioned spankings: My soft yet firm hands can achieve a wide range of sensations from light and sensual to stingy and pummely. I love the contact of my skin to yours. 


CBT: Your trust. My satisfaction.

Both my nurturing and sadistic desires are deeply satisfied when you surrender your most sensitive parts to me. This is a profound act of trust. 

  • Shoes: My gorgeous designers pressed up against you makes me salivate. Whether it’s the smooth red bottom of Louboutin, or the sharp point of a Jimmy Choo stiletto, this kind of play is dripping in sensuality. 

  • Pinching: Clothespins, binder clips, my fingers all provide a localized pinch for a delightful sting.  

  • Bondage: Rope, straps, and cockrings tie you up and increase your blood flow in a way that makes everything feel deliciously sensitive. 

  • Crushers: For the true devotee, my control of the space you are pressed between is such fun. 

  • Wartenberg wheel: A prickly, pointy, tantalizing delight.


Nipple Torture: Your squirms. My delight. 

I love to watch you experience pleasure through your pain as I awaken these sensitive points on your chest. 

  • Clamps: My collection ranges from feelings of barely there to severely numbing.

  • My fingers and teeth: For a more organic, hands (or mouth) on approach.




As an Aries I am a natural dominant, and have always taken the lead in life. The dedicated hedonist in me is fulfilled when I act as a guide to seek out your deepest pleasures. 


Tease & Denial: Your patience. My control. 

Good things come to those who wait. I bathe in the pleasure of both anticipation and control when I delay your experience of release.

  • Edging: How long can you contain yourself? 

  • Chastity: I am thrilled by the power I have over you when you are caged for me.

  • Keyholding: A long term arrangement of your chastity is a beautiful way to show your commitment to my control over you.


Sensory Deprivation: Your sensitivities. My creativity. 

When one or more of your senses are subverted, others are enhanced. My playful, creative side comes out when I am finding ways to engage or disengage your senses.

  • Sight: Silk blindfolds, a one way magic blindfold, and complete black out masks are all favorite tools of mine to limit your sight.

  • Sound: EarPods to immerse you into music or earplugs to block out all auditory distractions.

  • Smell, Taste, & Touch: When I deprive you of your sight and/or hearing, I enjoy watching your reaction as I introduce you to various things that engage your other senses. This is a pleasant way to feel more embodied. 


Collaring: Your devotion. My adoration. 

Whether temporary or forever, I am always moved by your devotion to me. 

  • Subservience: Wearing a collar in session is lovely way for you to show your submission to me.

  • Ownership: I do not take this level of commitment lightly. Lovingly reserved for a select few who can prove their devotion to me.


Bondage: Your surrender. My power. 

Restricting your ability to move gives me a decadent sense of power. 

  • Restraints: Bed restraints, bondage belts, and bondage tape keep you where I want you.

  • Wrist & ankle cuffs: Soft leather for comfort while you’re held down.

  • Rope: I have ropes of various materials and textures to tie you up (and down).