Dominant Companion & Benevolent Mistress

Nashville & NYC based, available worldwide 

You crave the warm and sensual embrace of a woman, while simultaneously giving up control; someone who will take and keep the reins while we indulge in life's joys together. Abandon the bounds of your power, your obligations, your status at my doorstep, and free yourself in submission to me. ​

Welcome. I seek to build containers of warmth and trust, spaces for exploration and indulgence, accommodations for our innermost longings. In here, the outside world falls away as I guide you on a journey of abundant pleasures and ecstatic discoveries.

I enthusiastically invite the company of those who are new to the art of submission, and delight in bringing the kink curious on escapades into the world of BDSM. Come to me with an open mind and submissive intentions, and I will lead you on a myriad of sensual explorations.


Take your time in reading through my website before filling out my booking form to meet me. My Twitter is full of candid photos and musings from my day to day life for the curious suitor. I look forward to new and captivating adventures together...