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I'm an avid traveler and I love what I do as it allows me to explore this wild and precious world. When I am not on a specific tour, I spend most of my time relaxing in the Tennessee countryside.

I am available for visits to surrounding Southern cities, please see my Considerations page.

For more distant locales, why not fly me to you? Inquire within. 

Travel Schedule 2019

*I am available in Nashville and surrounding Southern cities during all unspecified dates*

Jan 5-14 New Orleans

Jan 18-19 Memphis

Jan 27-28 Knoxville

Feb 7-13 New Orleans

Mar 1-7 New Orleans

Mar 21-26 NYC

Mar 26-28 DC

Mar 29-31 Unavailable

May 5-8 New Orleans

May 31 Tupelo, MS

June 19-21 NYC

June 30 Tupelo, MS

Aug 1-5 New Orleans

Aug 10-18 Unavailable

Sept 4-7 Minneapolis

Sept 11-15 NYC

Nov 10-15 New Orleans (flexible dates)

Dec 11-14 Minneapolis (tentative)

Winter 2020 TBA: NYC, DC, Phoenix, AZ

Spring 2020 TBA: Philly, Boston, Seattle

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