Please leave your donation in an unmarked envelope on the bathroom counter at the beginning of our date.

Upon arrival, please excuse yourself to wash your hands. If you are not coming from home where you just showered, please do so now. I will provide fresh towels and scent free soap.

I do not smoke, but do not mind if you partake. I simply ask that you utilize the mouthwash I have left out in the bathroom. ​

If you'd like to relax with a drink, please feel free to bring something for us to share.  I enjoy dry, full bodied wines, authentic champagne, and añejo tequilas. If you prefer a cocktail, consider adding my bartender package.

Tips are never expected and always appreciated. 

If you're the spoiling type, I have a few items on my gift page that will make me smile.

Can't make it? That's a shame. I understand life sometimes gets in the way of pleasure, but my time, like yours, is valuable. If you need to cancel our date, your deposit may be transferable at my discretion. I will expect to be compensated my full rate if you cancel within 24 hours. In the rare event that I need to cancel, your deposit is fully refundable.